Medrad Multi Vendor Service (MVS), which develops, markets and services medical devices used to diagnose and treat diseases, has opened a repair facility in Denver, Colorado that specializes in 3D/4D ultrasound probes.

The Denver facility is owned and operated by Wetsco.

Medrad said that the investments in new capabilities such as these make it possible to offer TotalRepair, a repair solution for select ultrasound probes. Enabled by 100% repair capabilities, TotalRepair allows healthcare facilities to spend less on costly exchanges and replacements by maximizing the use of probe repair.

Medrad claimed that the TotalRepair not only helps healthcare facilities in reducing service costs, but also mitigate overall financial exposure with a capped, guaranteed ‘worst case scenario’ price provided up front.

Diane Watson, executive director of sales and marketing at Medrad Service, said: “The opening of the Denver operation is a response to our customers’ need for a repair solution for their highly complex 3D/4D ultrasound probes. The Denver team specializes in the complex technology that makes the probes unique and difficult to repair. Their expertise will allow us to include more 3D/4D probes in our guaranteed repair offering, TotalRepair.”