MedQIA, a provider of computer vision systems for automated image analysis and measurement, has developed a software toolkit of image analysis routines.

The software toolkit, which forms basis of an imaging biomarker information system (IBIS), includes a model-based engine to segment the lung region or subregion including lung lobe, segment, anterior, middle or posterior zone, central or peripheral zone and combination zones such as posterior peripheral, middle peripheral.

The company said IBIS provides computer-assisted diagnosis of the lung from CT for early diagnosis, treatment planning and outcome assessment.

Based on lung texture analysis, the company applies biomarkers including Volumetry, Attenuation Analysis, Texture Classification, Fibrosis Scoring, Dynamic Imaging, Airway Morphometry, and Fissure Integrity Scoring.

The biomarkers are used for evaluating honeycombing, lung fibrosis scoring as well as applied in assessment of scleroderma lung disease and interstitial pulmonary fibrosis.