MedPro Imaging said that its new division is based on proprietary repair technology unavailable in the US market and will offer computer-based transducer repair services designed to counter a growing emphasis in the industry on probe exchange programs.

MedPro Imaging Transducer Division director Joseph Masek said that the industry has been moving away from repairing customers’ probes to simply exchanging them with used or refurbished probes.

“Most customers know intuitively that it is less expensive to repair a probe than it is to replace it, no matter how an exchange model is presented,” Masek said.

“MedPro is proud to enter the market with a repair-first business model and we have invested heavily in state-of-the-art repair technology to provide high quality repair services designed to help customers reduce their ultrasound lifecycle costs by keeping their own probes in service.”

MedPro Imaging president and CEO Charles Jahnke said that transducers are not commodities, they are essential to good patient care and should be afforded the same level of service and maintenance as the system itself and their goal is to provide a singular source of ultrasound solutions from system sales, ultrasound staffing and mobile services to state-of-the-art transducer repair.