MedPro Imaging's Advanced Probe Repair division has added 4D transducer repair capabilities, featuring proprietary computer-based technology and processes for fast, consistent repairs, at its ultrasound transducer repair facility in Longmont, Colorado.

The company also received certification from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

ISO certification positions MedPro to provide probe repair services to all customer categories, including multi-vendor service providers, independent service organizations as well as hospitals and imaging centers that demand the cost saving associated with repairing probes instead of replacing them, while receiving the quality standard they have come to expect.

MedPro Imaging president and CEO Charles Jahnke said they have invested heavily in dedicated 4D repair technology, processes and component parts necessary to offer advanced 4D repairs, including electronic failures, motor position errors and lens cap replacements.

"Not only can this save customers 40 to 50% compared to replacement costs, it gives customers the ability to manage and control their probes assets and ensures that they do not wind up with a replacement probe of unknown origin and quality," Jahnke said.