Medoc's products provide neuro-diagnostic testing of small sensory nerve fibers and pain mechanisms using Quantitative Sensory Testing (QST) and Contact Heat Evoked Potential (CHEPs) techniques.

The company's devices have been utilized and integrated into all phases of clinical trials. In Phase I studies, Medoc devices are used to assess analgesic effects based on subjects' responses to experimental pain models.

These are used to produce first-in-human early efficacy measures. Medoc devices are also commonly used in both Phase II and III studies to phenotype subjects for either inclusion or sub-grouping based on specific characteristics as a predictor of treatment response.  

Implementing Medoc capabilities in Phase I and II trials contributes significantly to the development of an optimal, robust study design for the pivotal trials, maximizing the chances that they will succeed.

With its expansion into the pharmaceutical sphere, Medoc now offers tailored solutions to accommodate the specific needs and requirements of pharma and CROs including: research and development supporting early design phases, recommendations for advanced QST test batteries and trial end-points, software customized to trial-specific protocols as well as data collection methods, training and support.

Mr. Amir Haiman, General Manager QST Division & CTO, commented on Medoc's recent expansion: "With vast experience in medical research, advanced technologies and creative solutions to complex trial challenges, Medoc is the perfect partner for CROs looking to optimize their pain-related clinical trials anywhere in the world."

Medoc Ltd, Advanced Medical Systems is a leading innovator of diagnostic medical systems for clinics and research institutions around the world.  With over 25 years of experience in the fields of pain research and neurological pathology, Medoc develops state-of-the-art systems in the fields of thermal simulators and QST. 

 Medoc systems are utilized in the assessment of neurological diseases, including chronic pain, and are widely regarded as a "Gold-Standard" in the field. All products are FDA approved and are CE marked.