Medline Industries has entered into an exclusive partnership with Infection Prevention Technologies (IPT) to commercialize a mobile UV-C (high intensity ultraviolet light) room disinfection system.

Under the deal, Medline will exclusively distribute and market IPT’s mobile UV-C room disinfection device called the Intelligent Room Sterilization system (IRS 3200m) with the Steri-Trak service documentation system.

The IRS 3200m, which resembles a large, high-tech bug zapper, is a mobile device that provides an automatically determined UV-C dose to selected rooms to aid in the destruction of multidrug-resistant organisms (MDROs).

The IRS 3200m syatem’s Steri-Trak service documentation system captures information such as verifying which rooms have been treated, when and by whom, which helps facility supervisors to effectively manage their disinfecting programs.

Medline Preventive Care division vice president Greg Shannon said IPT’s UV disinfection systems are an innovative and highly effective way to destroy dangerous germs found on surfaces in the healthcare setting, including Clostridium difficile.

A study conducted at Florida Hospital Tampa demonstrated 99% reduction in the bacteria in the rooms treated with the IRS 3200m system.