In an independent, side-by-side strength test, Medline’s new Gemini wrap, constructed with 100 percent polypropylene, was shown to have greater material strength to resist punctures and tears compared to the sterilization wrap of the next closest competitor.

"The Gemini bonded wrap provides our surgical staff with great confidence in our sterilization process and ensures that our instruments and devices will remain sterile until they’re ready to be used," said Durenda Dolan, CST, CRCST, CIS, manager SPD, Norton Hospital, Louisville, Ky. "Our goal is to eliminate the chance for contamination and infection so we can deliver better patient outcomes. Medline’s new wrap helps us do that."

The Gemini bonded wrap is constructed with two sheets of 100 percent polypropylene fused together to provide greater strength and improved efficiency. The Gemini wrap can be used with all major sterilization cycles, including pre-vacuum steam cycles, gravity steam cycles, ethylene oxide (ETO) sterilization and STERRAD sterilization.

Offered in five weight grades from lightweight to super heavyweight, the Gemini wrap is also available in a unique dual color wrap with a pink-colored sheet on the outside and blue on the inside, which can help differentiate between instrument sets. Gemini also has a soft, smooth finish, making it easy to handle and fold.

"Perioperative and Central Processing professionals are looking for reassurance that they’re providing the best possible care for their patients," said Sydney Nye, RN, vice president of clinical services, Medline. "Gemini surgical wrap provides peace of mind with demonstrated greater material strength that provides an effective barrier against contaminants to preserve and maintain sterility."