ISO has awarded Briggs a certificate of registration (ISO 13485:2003) for the design, development and manufacture of obstetrics, pediatric and incontinence management products and for the manufacture design, sale and distribution of durable and disposable medical products.

The ISO registration identifies that Briggs has formalized business processes and quality management systems in place enabling it to provide a quality management system that consistently meets regulatory and customer requirements.

The CE Mark certification has been granted for Briggs’ MABIS-branded line of obstetric products, including the Amnihook, Plastibell and U-Bag. The CE Mark certifies the products meet European Union consumer safety, health or environmental requirements and enables Briggs to distribute the full line of MABIS branded obstetric products in Europe and other countries that recognize the CE mark.

Stephan Hoffman, chairman of Briggs, said: “Briggs has always been committed to rigorous standards and processes, and to providing superior products, which have been reinforced by both the ISO registration and CE mark certification.

“These are clear reminders to our customers that they will receive only high-quality products that support and drive their businesses. Receiving these certificates represents a significant milestone for our company and further distinguishes us from our competition.”