Medline Industries has entered into a distribution agreement with CAS Medical Systems (CASMED) for its Model 740 portable vital signs monitor.

The monitor features CASMED’s proprietary Motion Artifact Extraction (MAXNIBP) technology for non-invasive blood pressure measurement.

CASMED said all of these co-branded monitors feature its NIBP technology which has a reputation for blood pressure determinations under the challenging conditions for patients ranging from neonatal to adult.

Oximetry options include Masimo SET and Nellcor OxiMax, making the monitor a mobile unit for diverse types of clinical applications, especially in conditions of low perfusion and motion.

CASMED Global Sales and Marketing VP Matthew Herwig said they believe that Medline’s expertise in distribution to hospitals, surgery centers and physician offices, will expand their market share and open new opportunities for bedside monitor and patented blood pressure technology.