Medivance has introduced a therapeutic temperature management device, the non-invasive Arctic Sun 5000.

The non-invasive Arctic Sun 5000 precisely monitors and maintains core body temperature in a therapeutic range, between 32 and 38.5 degrees Celsius (89.6 to 101.3 degrees Fahrenheit) with the potential to minimize damage to the heart and brain.

The Arctic Sun comes with embedded training, the ability to pre-program hospital protocols for rapid induction of temperature control with the push of a button, comprehensive help screen with pop-up explanations for all alerts, voice and visual prompts for added safety.

The other features include data storage during patient transfers, with ability to ‘continue current patient case’ for up to 6 hours, more efficient cooling, touch screen, ability to download up to 10 cases from device memory for research or analysis purposes, automatic initiation of rewarming.

Medivance CEO Robert Kline said that the Arctic Sun 5000 brings precision Targeted Temperature Management to the highest level of performance available and with the Arctic Sun 5000 they have made it as effortless as possible to initiate this promising non-invasive therapy that may spare many more critically ill patients from devastating brain damage.