Medisse, which develops flexible, resorbable implants for soft tissue applications, has completed the biocompatibility evaluation of its novel resorbable FlexiSurge biomaterial in accordance with the international ISO 10993 standards.

Medisse’s lead product based on its proprietary FlexiSurge biomaterial is an adhesion barrier for use in surgery.

The company said the FlexiSurge biomaterial is flexible and elastic and together with its resorption profile is a material for soft tissue resorbable implants.

The material resorbs via surface erosion, leaving the implant functional until almost fully resorbed.

Resorption time and functionality can be tailored to the clinical need.

Medisse founder and CEO Sandra de Vos said FlexiSurge has all the right properties to significantly reduce the risk of adhesion, which is a major cause of serious complications after surgery.

"The effective and safe physical barrier that FlexiSurge provides and its ideal handling properties overcome the shortcomings of current solutions used in surgery," de Vos said.