Medisafe 1 Technologies is in the process of submitting three patent applications for medical safety devices.

Medisafe’s patented technology is a medical assembly with a locking mechanism that is intended to ensure the substance cannot be released from the hypodermic needle without positive pre-matching between the substance and its intended patient.

The first is a computerized locking device that prevents unauthorized medical and drug related products from leaving inventory storage to reduce instances of theft and fraud.

The second is a physical locking device for syringes and capsules that functions differently from the current commercial Medisafe 1 Technologies’ product line.

The third is a physical locking device that measures the release of prescribed dosages, to prevent administration of too much medication.

Medisafe 1 Technologies CEO Jacob Elhadad said the filing of these additional patents demonstrates Medisafe 1 Technologies’ commitment to research and development and to finding the best methods to prevent the unauthorized administration of prescription medications.