Medisafe 1 Technologies, a developer of patented technologies that physically prevent unauthorised administration of prescription medications, has added a customizable ERP compatibility feature to its barcoded locking syringe device.

The feature enables a hospital’s existing barcoding system to electronically record the administration of a particular medication directly to a patient’s medical file.

Using an ERP system, an attending physician or nurse would need only to scan a patient’s barcode to view the particular medications and dosages that are required to be administered.

Upon scanning the appropriate corresponding barcode on the actual medication, the locking device would open, enabling the administration of the particular syringe.

Medisafe 1 Technologies CEO Jacob Elhadad said customizing their syringe locking device to work with ERP systems, enables a hospital to keep more accurate records, and eliminates additional possibilities for human error in the administration of medications via syringe.

"The combination of the system’s simple locking device with state of the art record tracking works to protect hospitals and their patients. We are confident that hospitals will recognize the value of our patented system," Elhadad said.