MediPurpose has selected MED Alliance Group to distribute its babyLance infant heel incision devices in the Midwest region.

Under the contract, MED Alliance Group will be distributing two models from the babyLance line including the babyLance Newborn (BLN) and the babyLance Preemie (BLP), which deliver an incision depths of 1.00mm and 0.85mm respectively.

MediPurpose claims that the babyLance heel incision devices are safe, easy and effective solutions for neonatal caregivers to collect blood samples from infants.

MediPurpose president Randy Prather said that they are delighted that MED Alliance Group will be distributing their medical products and they are particularly impressed by their commitment to quality and their efforts to meet both customers’ and regulatory requirements.

Singapore-based MediPurpose offers angel funding, medical product development and medical device consulting for medical device inventors and medical product companies seeking entrance or expansion into the medical device markets.