MediPurpose has launched its latest safety medical product, the babyLance heel incision device for infants in its product line of SurgiLance safety lancets. The babyLance is a safe, easy and effective solution for newborn heel incisions.

MediPurpose said that the babyLance is expected to be available in two models like the babyLance Newborn (BLN), which delivers an incision depth of 1.00 mm and the babyLance Preemie (BLP), which delivers an incision depth of 0.85 mm.

The babyLance heel incision device features include ease of activation as it reduces trigger activation force, thereby reducing the risk of bruising, facilitates a stable and accurate placement against the targeted section of the infant’s heel while ensuring the procedure can be performed consistently and quickly.

The babyLance cutting blade’s swift pendulum action, manufactured to the same regulatory and quality standards as the SurgiLance safety lancet, makes an incision that complies with the CLSI LA4-A5 established guidelines.

The babyLance heel incision device incorporates design characteristics that allow for the most cost-effective manufacturing process.

Patrick Yi, founder and CEO of MediPurpose, said: “We are very excited about this latest addition to our blood collection medical product portfolio. It’s been 10 years since we launched our first product, the SurgiLance safety lancet, and we are eager about offering this innovative new product to our customers.”

Mark Stoppenbach, vice president of MediPurpose, said: “As with our SurgiLance safety lancet, the babyLance heel incision device was designed with innovative features that provide safety, comfort and ease of use.”