To incorporate Medipattern's B-CAD computer aided detection for breast ultrasound imaging product line

The Medipattern and PenRad Technologies (PenRad) have reported the signing of a sales and distribution agreement for PenRad to incorporate Medipattern’s B-CAD computer aided detection for breast ultrasound imaging product line.

The agreement licenses B-CAD to PenRad in several formats as a software tool kit for direct implementation in PenRad products, and as the complete application solution for distribution worldwide and in the US. The agreement is exclusive to PenRad in the MIS market.

Thomas Stavros, radiologist at Sutter Women’s Health in Santa Rosa, CA and the author of Breast Ultrasound, said: “It is no longer enough for breast radiologists to just manage the images and generate reports well. The collaboration of Medipattern with PenRad is a key sign that our future needs are now being recognized and this is also an important first step in addressing those needs.

“The collaboration can also lead to a needed fusion of breast ultrasound data with mammography and MRI data. The individual findings in the structured report including demographic data, history, clinical findings, risk factors, sonographic findings, and BI-RADS categorisation, can now be saved in a database that can also be exported to mammography databases, RIS (Radiology Information Systems), and HIS (Hospital Information Systems).”

A PenLink receives the B-CAD information and effectively reads the B-CAD report to automatically enter the information and show it as a footnote on the PenRad Reporting System breast map with the American College of Radiology Breast Imaging and Data Reporting System (BI-RADS) descriptors describing each lesion.

With the PenRad / B-CAD package, radiologists can review reports with supplied information content, making minor adjustments as needed, and vastly increasing throughput while maintaining a high level of descriptive content.

Greg Gustafson, president and CEO of PenRad Technologies, said: “It is a pleasure to work with Medipattern on these projects. Their expertise in breast imaging has enabled us to broaden our solution, reduce soft copy reading time, improve workflow and ultimately save our customers money. PenRad’s product bears the same name as the company, the PenRad Reporting System. B-CAD naturally fits into the PenRad Reporting System.