The Medipattern Corporation, a provider of medical imaging software solutions, and TomTec Imaging Systems, a provider for 2D-, 3D- and 4D- solutions in the area of medical ultrasound, have signed a teaming agreement for Medipattern's B-CAD breast ultrasound imaging computer aided detection (CAD) product.

TomTec has integrated B-CAD into its Image-Arena Platform Suite.

The Medipattern Corporation president and CEO Jeff Collins said Medipattern’s key strength is in analysis of critical anatomy within a particular organ for example lesions within a breast and TomTec has an array of applications which they combine into specialized suites bundled for their OEM customers.

"The cooperation with TomTec will enable to offer B-CAD advanced application together with a large suite of products to TomTec’s well established sales channels," Collins said.

"The teaming agreement combines each of our company’s strengths to lead the market with an enriched suite dedicated to breast care."