Medicomp, a developer of advanced cardiac monitoring services, has introduced its wireless event monitor called SAVI Air, to offer beat-to-beat analysis of the entire ECG.

Prior to the release of the SAVI Air, wireless event monitors relied on algorithms that could only analyze limited aspects of the ECG, increasing the risk of missing significant arrhythmias.

The Diogenes algorithm continuously assesses the patients’ cardiac activity based on rate, rhythm, morphology, and p-wave abnormalities, the most comprehensive analysis available in an event monitor.

The SAVI Air provides all the benefits and convenience of a wireless event monitor with the highest clinical yield available allowing for faster diagnosis and treatment.

Physicians now have the ability to choose the cardiac monitor most suited for the individual needs of patients.

Medicomp CEO Dr Dan Balda said, "No other company’s monitors provide this same complete analysis. We know because we have the patent."