Medical Care Technologies has added Heart Vital Signs (HVS) as an add-on to its Tele-Health Suite.

The company said that by adding the HVS function to its Tele-Health technology, caregivers will be able to monitor a patient’s cardiac function, no matter where the patient is located. By using an embedded SIM card which connects to a cellular network, streaming signals are transmitted to a remote server whereby physicians or caregivers, through Tele-Health Suite, may access and monitor the patient’s heart.

Remote cardiac monitoring technologies allow home electrocardiographic (ECG) monitoring of patients with suspected cardiac arrhythmias or at risk for developing arrhythmias.

HVS is simple and easy to use with non-invasive sensors attached to the skin for patient comfort and fast recognition of cardiac and respiratory readings. The HVS is a small, portable physiological monitor that includes a receiver which wirelessly receives the patient’s physiological measurements, said the company.

Ning Wu, president of MDCE, said: “We are pleased with our team’s efforts in searching for solutions to better care for and monitor a patient’s heart. We believe that once our HVS technology is fully developed, physicians and caregivers alike will be able to provide the best possible remote monitoring for cardiology practices, hospitals and nursing homes, ambulatory electrocardiography and home-care services. We are hopeful that HVS will be available to the Chinese market in the near future.”