Medical Protection Technologies announced that its next-generation Fall-Safe Hip Protectors are now available through Direct Supply, a leading distributor of healthcare medical products and services to senior care facilities.

As part of a special promotion, Direct Supply is offering discounted pricing on Fall-Safe Hip Protectors through the end of June.

Growing recognition about the problem of hip fractures — which occur in the US about every two minutes and have devastating consequences — has led to an increased interest in the use of hip protectors, specialized undergarments containing pads that absorb or transfer energy associated with a fall onto the hip.

Fall-Safe Hip Protectors are the only hip protectors on the market featuring pads made from the unique shock-absorbing material D3O, which is soft and flexible in its natural state, but instantly becomes rigid upon the moment of impact.

The "intelligent molecular engineering" of D3O also allows the pads to revert to their original flexible — and comfortable — state immediately after the impact.

D. Stephen Robins, M.D., CEO of Medical Protection Technologies, said he is pleased to partner with Direct Supply to provide the unique benefits of Fall-Safe Hip Protectors to a wide range of elder care facilities and patients.

"Direct Supply has a long history of leadership in the senior living industry, with a particular focus on preventing falls and fractures," Robins said.

Robins said hip fractures also impose an enormous economic burden on patients, families, healthcare facilities, and society.