PIIMS is an intelligent inventory management system that allows the hospital to truly manage inventory. Like most inventory management systems, it tracks the use of inventory, monitors expired and expiring products on a real-time basis (including the associated costs of the expired or expiring products) and tracks model and lot numbers for quick identification of recalled products.

Unlike these same inventory management systems, PIIMS also includes comprehensive cost-tracking intelligence. Hospital staff now has immediate access to the dollar value of its inventory.

iRCODER.COM, utilizes proprietary intelligence, color-coded illustrations and Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) guidelines for timely, accurate charging of certain hospital procedures (interventional radiology, cardiac catheterization, electrophysiology, vascular and non-vascular).

When both systems are used together, the intelligence built into both products recognizes when a device has been used in a procedure, but not charged. Conversely, it will not allow a device to be charged if not used in a procedure.

"We’re pleased that our iRCODER.COM product met Hamilton’s requirements for a compliant, time-saving solution that supports accurate charging, modernizes their workflow and reduces overhead costs,"says Belinda Stanley-Majors, Principal of Medical Asset Management.

PIIMS (Procedure-Integrated Inventory Management System) is a comprehensive web-based inventory management system that sets and monitors par levels, tracks product details and usage to keep older products in proper rotation for immediate use.