Medical vacuum technology provider Medela has added new Invia Motion-15-Days and Invia Motion-Endure personal pumps to its Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) portfolio of products and services.

The new devices, along with the Invia Liberty reusable system, have been developed to provide safe and effective advanced wound treatment to patients.

Healthcare Medela vice-president Mitch Odahowski said: "We are happy to be able to offer devices adapted to every patient`s treatment needs.

"With these products, we are developing a new class of personal pumps, giving the patient mobility and freedom while providing individualized therapy."

The Invia Motion-15-Days is a personal device that has been developed for short therapy duration or to jump-start the healing process in the hospital.

Featuring pressure settings and a lightweight and compact design, it is suitable for patient mobility and freedom.

The Invia Motion-Endure helps patients to comfortably carry out their daily activities during healing, when advanced wound therapy is required outside of the hospital.

It features constant or intermittent therapy modes, multiple pressure settings, and multiple drain options that can be used with either antimicrobial gauze or polyurethane foam dressings.