The small breast pump is available in the US through its online stores and at select stores through its retail partners.

According to Medela’s research, a mother using a breast pump may face several hindrances which include impact of the product performance on her milk output, to the noise of the breast pump motor and access to help.

Medela claims that the Sonata pump is silent and is ideal for mothers who do not want to disturb a sleeping baby or disrupt a conference call.

The company also claims that the product was inspired from Symphony, a hospital-grade breast pump and it has been designed to deliver such a performance.

The product features responsive pump technology (RPT) which offers consistent pumping. The technology employs sensors which can detect changes in the mother’s body and in the outside environment (elevation and atmospheric pressure) and adjust the pumping accordingly.

Medela has also developed a support app, MyMedela which can pair with Sonata breast pump and record pumping sessions. It can record the phase, rhythm and suction levels as well. It can also help in keeping track of baby’s activities and is claimed to be giving access to clinically-proven support and expert tips.

Medela USA managing director Melissa Gonzales said: “Sonata’s transformative technology and intuitive design embodies Medela’s 50-year commitment to developing research-based innovations, advocating for moms and helping to support the health of infants and moms.

“We’ve spent the past four years researching, listening to moms and building what moms said they need to be successful. Today, moms across the United States will have access to a new evolution in breast pumping.

“We’ve rebuilt the personal-use breast pump from inside and out, and we’re excited that Sonata will help support moms in their commitment to providing breast milk to their babies for as long as they choose.”