McKesson has announced QICS (Qualitative Intelligence and Communication System) cardiology solution to help organizations automate and manage cardiology workflows to promote better efficiency and effectiveness.

McKesson claims that the solution is the first of its kind in the cardiovascular industry to offer integrated workflows and critical results communications management within the cardiovascular information system (CVIS).

OSF Healthcare in Peoria, Illinois, is piloting QICS for cardiology to save time for clinicians, meet regulatory requirements and improve overall quality.

Building on years of experience, best practice knowledge and success with McKesson Radiology, McKesson is customizing its workflow solution for cardiology-specific needs. QICS for Cardiology redefines the concept of a ‘complete’ CVIS by integrating with McKesson Cardiology CVIS to enable configuring, carrying out and monitoring flexible automated workflows in cardiology departments.

The ability to implement automated quality of care workflows within the CVIS eliminates manual hand offs and helps to minimize staff resource costs.

Additionally, QICS for Cardiology provides a reliable communication system to help improve patient care by facilitating the care continuum.

In the past, a department manager would have to pick up the phone and issue an internal page to communicate critical results and activate the care team. Now, critical results messages are available within the CDS to help expedite emergency care.

Each of the out-of-the-box solutions — critical results management, echo interpretation variability and echo performance variability — are based on Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) guidelines for streamlined quality workflows. Knowing that every facility has its own specific needs, McKesson will also configure customized solutions to help an organization automate its workflow.

McKesson Diagnostic Imaging Product Management vice president Ohad Arazi noted QICS for Cardiology provides departments of all sizes the flexibility to choose from several best-practice models and customize them to fit their evolving needs.

"We’re proud to work with our long-time partner OSF Healthcare in offering this cutting-edge solution to provide cardiology departments around the country with an automated, efficient and effective means of streamlining departmental workflows that help save time and enforce quality measures," Arazi added.