Mazor Robotics, a pioneer and a leader in the field of surgical guidance systems, announced a three-system order for the Mazor X from a first-time customer, a leading mid-Atlantic health care organization which will install the systems at three of its medical centers.

“The level of enthusiasm following the launch of the Mazor X system at the NASS conference in October remains high and continues to generate considerable momentum,” commented Ori Hadomi, Chief Executive Officer.

 “This is the second multi-system order during the fourth quarter, both representing new customers, and demonstrating the co-marketing activities with our commercial partner are increasing the market’s awareness for our advanced surgical guidance systems.”

The Company will announce the total number of system orders for the fourth quarter on January 5, 2017.

Mazor Robotics believes in healing through innovation by developing and introducing revolutionary technologies and products aimed at redefining the gold standard of quality care.

Mazor Robotics Guidance Systems enable surgeons to conduct spine and brain procedures in a more accurate and secure manner.