Reportedly, the original 2007 Agreement had provided MaxCyte’s cell loading system for use in Medinet’s Dendritic Cell (DC) Vaccine Therapy in Japan. Medinet is currently marketing its DC Vaccine Therapy, which uses MaxCyte’s electroporation-based cell loading system for loading tumor antigens into Dcs.

The companies said that the expansion of the agreement will allow Medinet to further co-develop new and novel technologies for intractable diseases in addition to cancer as well as to enhance demand for Immuno-Cell Therapy outside of Japan in the Asia Pacific markets.

Under the amendment to the agreement, MaxCyte has provided Medinet with the exclusive right to utilize the MaxCyte GT Flow Transfection System in Medinet’s Immuno-Cell Therapy Service not only across Japan, but also in China, Australia, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan.

Aditionally, the expanded license will allow Medinet to use the MaxCyte GT Flow Transfection System broadly for research applications allowing Medinet to enhance its collaboration with universities and other medical institutions by utilizing MaxCyte’s technology for development of novel immune cell therapies.

The MaxCyte GT Flow Transfection System is a validated platform for optimizing the biological activity of cellular therapeutic products. The system, which is supported by FDA Master File and CE marking, enables rapid and efficient transfection of any primary cell or cell line to achieve greater than 90% cell viability.

The system enables cost-effective delivery of both autologous and allogeneic cellular therapies, customized for enhanced efficacy and has been validated in a marketed oncology therapy and in multiple human clinical studies in oncology and regenerative medicine.

Yoshiji Kimura, chief executive officer of Medinet, said: “Medinet has continuously focused its business activities on expansion of the Immuno-Cell Therapy market domestically and internationally to increase its presence in cancer therapy and to maximize the earnings of its core services, Immuno-Cell Therapy Total Support Service. The expansion of our partnership enables the delivery of those therapies to more patients in new markets and permits development of other novel therapeutics.”

Douglas Doerfler, president and chief executive officer of MaxCyte, said: “We have worked closely with our colleagues at Medinet and are excited to expand our relationship to include the investigation and development of new cell-based therapies in Asia. The collaboration broadens our ability to discover, develop, and deliver important cell-based products and represents an important step in MaxCyte’s global commercial development plan.”