Mauna Kea Technologies, a provider of endoscopy products, has launched Cellvizio Imaging 100 Series, designed to see cancer, in Brazil.

To show the efficacy of Cellvizio Imaging, physicians has presented four clinical cases at ENEO/ENDO Instituto Nacional de Cáncer (INCA) 2012 and the Second International Course of Endoscopy Gastrointestinal Oncology, which held between 31 August -1 September in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Mauna Kea Technologies founder and CEO Sacha Loiseau said, "The launch of Cellvizio and the demonstration of these first four cases in the fast-growing Brazilian medical device market extends the Cellvizio portfolio and offers gastroenterologists and pulmonologists additional options when choosing advanced imaging technologies for patients with suspected digestive and respiratory disease."

INCA Brazilian National Institute of Cancer digestive endoscopy section course director Simone Guaraldi said, "Gastrointestinal and lung cancers have the highest cancer mortality rates in Brazil, so a tool to help us detect and treat these cancers with greater efficiency could have an important impact on patients and healthcare throughout Brazil."

Paoli-Calmettes Institute endoscopy unit chief Marc Giovannini said Cellvizio is making an impact on how physicians diagnose and treat patients with digestive and bilio-pancreatic diseases.

"The ability to access cellular-level views amounts to real-time pathology during endoscopy procedures and allows physicians to differentiate precisely between benign and malignant lesions so they can decide an optimum course of treatment and guide treatments in real time at the patient’s bedside," Giovannini added.