Masimo, the inventor of pulse oximetry product line, has acquired SEDLine, a manufacturer of brain function monitoring. The acquisition allows Masimo to expand clinician access to SEDline technology.

Terri Monk, professor of anesthesiology at Duke University Hospital, said: “In my experience, SEDLine monitors provide valuable and reliable clinical information that helps me to deliver optimal anesthesia care. I am pleased but not surprised that SEDLine would become part of Masimo, as they both are technology-driven organizations committed to improving patient care.”

Joe Kiani, founder and CEO of Masimo, said: “Multiple hospitals in the US have already chosen SEDLine because they believe, as Masimo does, that SEDLine’s technology and performance offers an advancement over other brain function monitoring technologies. Masimo has always been a strong advocate for innovation, patient care, and choice in the healthcare marketplace.

“We are happy to integrate SEDLine into our product pipeline to continue the Masimo tradition of offering groundbreaking noninvasive medical technologies that significantly improve patient outcomes and reduce the cost of care.”