Masimo (NASDAQ: MASI) a global leader in pulse oximetry and other innovative noninvasive monitoring technologies, today announced the launch of Stork, a revolutionary home baby monitoring system. This innovative system offers parents insights into their baby’s health data, helping them learn more about and be better connected with their baby.

“When we set out in 1989 to reinvent pulse oximetry, we named the project ‘Stork’ because our hope was that this technology would help reliably bring healthy babies home to their parents,” said Joe Kiani, Founder and CEO of Masimo. “With Stork’s introduction today, we’ve taken our passion for newborn care and our innovative and groundbreaking technologies to craft a solution that we hope will give parents greater insights into their babies and help them live healthier lives. Parenting is the hardest thing one loves to do. With Stork, our goal is to improve the parenting experience through a seamless, thoughtful integration of advanced and trusted health technologies that bring real data to parents.”

“We designed Stork so parents and their babies can stay connected, when they can’t be next to each other,” continued Mr. Kiani. “Today’s parents are technologically sophisticated and better educated about their babies than ever. They track their own health data and know how managing that data can help them understand more about themselves. With Stork, we bring them the highest quality data so that they can be vigilant and learn even more about their babies.”

The Masimo Stork monitoring ecosystem, which comprises several components, will be available in multiple configurations. Masimo Stork Vitals+, the flagship solution, consists of a boot with sensor, video camera, and a mobile app.

The Masimo Stork boot is made from an ultra-soft, comfortable medical-grade silicone that conforms gently on the baby’s skin and comes in three sizes to ensure a good fit. The boots are designed to grow with the baby (up to 18 months old). The sensors embedded in the Stork boot are the product of meticulous engineering to harness decades of expertise in newborn health to detect babies’ oxygen saturation (SpO2), pulse rate, and temperature with remarkable accuracy and dependability.

Masimo Stork also features a 2K QHD-capable, high-resolution camera with a mobile app. The Stork camera provides outstanding nighttime vision and offers high-quality two-way audio through the camera, letting parents hear and talk to their babies as if they were right next to them. The camera is also equipped with room condition monitoring to accurately report room temperature, humidity, and noise levels. All components are connected to the Masimo Stork app, which allows parents to see their baby’s monitoring data and milestones; view summaries of averages and trends; and coming soon, share images directly with others. The simple and intuitive app contains built-in educational tools to empower parents with the confidence to know what’s important, when it’s important.

Source: Company Press Release