Radius Tº is a remote patient management solution that differs from the spot-check thermometry solutions by continuously measuring body temperature


Masimo SafetyNet with Radius PPG and Radius Tº. (Credit: Business Wire)

Masimo has expanded its SafetyNet platform with the addition of Radius Tº, a wearable, wireless sensor that facilitates measuring of continuous body temperature.

Masimo SafetyNet already features Radius PPG tetherless pulse oximetry to track crucial vital signs including oxygen saturation, respiration rate, pulse rate, and is enabled to track body temperature with the addition of Radius Tº sensor.

Radius Tº is a remote patient management solution that differs from the spot-check thermometry solutions by continuously measuring body temperature, and providing remote notifications when a patient’s temperature is outside a clinician-specified range, said the company.

Masimo founder and CEO Joe Kiani said: “We’re proud to add this noninvasive, continuous, wearable thermometer solution to our growing family of remote patient management solutions. Masimo SafetyNet has already helped clinicians effectively care for countless patients during the pandemic.

“With the addition of Radius Tº, Masimo SafetyNet becomes an even more useful tool for remotely managing patients with COVID-19 and many other health concerns.”

Radius Tº is a remote monitoring solution that continuously measures body temperature

Masimo said that its SafetyNet leverages a tetherless, wearable single-patient-use Masimo SET Measure-through motion and low perfusion pulse oximetry sensor to monitor a patient’s blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate, along with respiration rate, perfusion index, and PVi.

In addition, the product is designed to help manage the increase in Covid-19 patients while maintaining distance from other patients and providers.

The solution enables hospitals to expand remote patient monitoring into alternative care spaces, including overflow locations, emergency recovery facilities, and home care settings.

The continuous temperature measurement by Radius Tº can be accessed by patients through their Android or iOS smartphone or smart devices, through a cloud-based remote data capture and surveillance platform.

The shower-proof, single-patient-use sensor sensor can be easily applied to the chest and worn throughout the day and night, for up to 8 days, where patients can continue normal daily activities.

Radius Tº leverages advanced algorithms to measure the patient’s body temperature, and provides the continuous data to the Masimo SafetyNet app on the patient’s smartphone using Bluetooth technology.

In May, Royal Philips partnered with Masimo to integrate the latter’s additional measurement technologies into few of its IntelliVue MX-series multi-parameter monitors to help assess cerebral oximetry and ventilation status.