Researchers at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire in Poitiers in France, citing absolute and trending accuracy similar to widely used invasive methods, concluded that Masimo SpHb has the additional advantages of providing continuous measurements, noninvasively, which may facilitate hemoglobin monitoring in the ICU.

To evaluate whether Masimo PVI, a noninvasive and continuous tool, can help clinicians predict fluid responsiveness in mechanically-ventilated patients with circulatory insufficiency, researchers measured PVI in 40 patients before and after planned volume expansion.

Researchers found that PVI can predict fluid responsiveness noninvasively in ICU patients under mechanical ventilation.

In another study, researchers from Erasmus MC University Medical Centre in Rotterdam, Netherlands, measured PI in 24 healthy volunteers during LBNP testing.

They concluded that PI is a sensitive indicator of acute hemodynamic responses to LBNP-induced central hypovolemia and could detect hypovolemia earlier than 20% decrease in stroke volume.