The approval allows hospitals and surgical facilities to use LaparoGuard surgical navigation system in their operating rooms.

LaparoGuard is said to be a soft-tissue surgical navigation platform designed to enhance visualization and support surgeons to deliver better care to the patients.

The system has been developed to help surgeons annotate areas of 3D safety zones during minimally invasive procedures, enabling to better guide and follow surgical approach.

The new augmented surgical navigation system, which is similar to the heads-up display of a fighter jet, enables surgeons to view 3D renderings of safety zones as a heads-up and, real-time image overlay.

Later, the data from LaparoGuard will be incorporated into the operating room’s conventional visualization equipment to offer provides surgeons with additional spatial awareness information.

The system offers continuous tracking of multiple tools across a procedure for real-time location updates within the abdominal cavity.

LaparoGuard allows surgeon to select a mix of audio-visual augmented reality on both primary and secondary surgical monitor without using conventional AR headset.

The real-time feedback functions of the system allows surgical team to avoid distraction and focus more on the intended surgical site. It also helps in offering advanced visualization.

In addition, the surgical system can be incorporated into existing clinical workflows and conventional laparoscopic tower equipment.

Mariner Endosurgery president Mitch Wilson said: “LaparoGuard empowers surgeons to have the latest in advanced visualization, augmented reality and spatial awareness tools for minimally invasive procedures.

“Our upcoming pipeline of surgical visualization and advanced laparoscopic instrumentation will further support LaparoGuard and our company thesis of putting the right innovation, at the right time, in surgeons’ hands.

“I am proud of our team’s efforts, and we look forward to seeing LaparoGuard successfully deployed in operating rooms across the United States.”

Based in Hamilton, Mariner Endosurgery is engaged in the development and commercialization of advanced computer-assisted medical devices for use in laparoscopic surgeries.