Maquet Cardiovascular, a subsidiary of the Getinge Group, has won a three-year, dual-source contract from Premier Healthcare Alliance to provide its intra-aortic balloon pumps (IABP).

Under the contract, Maquet will provide its CS300 product line, as well as the Linear 7.5Fr. IABP Catheter, Sensation 7Fr. IABP Catheter and Mega 8Fr. 50cc IABP Catheter which are used to treat percutaneous coronary intervention, cardiac surgery, irregular heart rhythms, cardiogenic shock and acute heart failure.

Maquet develops products and therapeutic applications for the operating room, hybrid OR/cath lab, intensive care unit and patient transport within acute care hospitals to improve outcomes and quality of life for patients.

It also develops intensive care ventilators and anesthesia machines and equips Surgical Workplaces with critical infrastructure, such as flexible room design for OR and ICU; OR tables; lights and ceiling supply units; and OR integration for image data management.

Maquet Cardiovascular president Raoul Quintero said they remain fully committed to build these partnerships to strengthen in-hospital presence of their cardiovascular products.