Magnetic Insight, a leader in magnetic particle imaging (MPI) solutions, has entered into an agreement with inviCRO to develop intuitive image analysis workflows for the Momentum MPI imaging system based on inviCRO's VivoQuant visualization and post processing software platform.

VivoQuant will be distributed as a complete MPI solution package with the Momentum MPI imaging system to enable quantitative nanoparticle or cell imaging in vivo.

MPI is a groundbreaking imaging modality that directly detects magnetic nanoparticle tracers enabling deep tissue imaging of functional events such as quantitative vascular flow, cell tracking and probe targeting.

The implementation of an intuitive analysis program in visualizing and quantifying image data is essential.

Data generated by the Momentum Imaging System will import directly into the VivoQuant platform, offering a streamlined approach to quantifying the number of cells or iron tracer in any given region of the body for both 2D and 3D datasets along with co-registration to CT and MRI.

VivoQuant is a well-established visualization and analysis platform, instrumental to researchers utilizing modalities such as MR, PET, SPECT, CT, and optical imaging.

"We're excited by the overwhelming demand for magnetic particle imaging from the research community and this partnership will help ensure our user's continued success and intuitive onboarding of the technology into laboratories worldwide. inviCRO's VivoQuant is an acknowledged tool amongst the preclinical community and will facilitate the use of quantitative magnetic particle imaging for cell tracking, vascular function and disease state imaging," stated Anna Christensen PhD, President and CEO of Magnetic Insight.

Magnetic Insight is an early stage diagnostic imaging company accelerating preclinical research with direct translation into the clinic.

Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI) is an ultrasensitive, safe and quantitative technology, harnessing high contrast detection of iron oxide nanoparticles. MPI will provide faster, safer and more accurate detection of cells, blood flow and targeted biological events.

inviCRO, a leading global provider of imaging-based service solutions and image analysis software for research and drug development, was founded with a mission of improving the value of imaging in drug discovery and development.