Germany-based medical technology company MagForce has installed a NanoActivator at the University Hospital Munster.

This NanoActivator has been installed at the University Hospital Munster as part of the preparations for the new glioblastoma study that is intended to validate the previous results of NanoTherm therapy in direct comparison to currently available standard therapy in a larger patient pool.

This will allow the company to draw meaningful conclusions about the potential of this new approach to treat glioblastomas patients.

Glioblastoma study will begin patient enrollment at the end of 2013.

Until the patient enrollment, the company plans to set up and operate a total of three NanoActivators.

Additional centers will follow in 2014.

MagForce chief medical officer and COO Dr Hoda Tawfik noted since the start of considerations about a new glioblastoma study, the company has been in close contact with important medical opinion leaders in neurooncology.

"They contributed significantly to the creation of the study design. With the installation of another NanoActivator, we are an important step closer to introducing this therapy to the medical community.

"Our goal is to take NanoTherm therapy to the next level and to corroborate previous clinical results," Dr Tawfik added.

The company has installed the first NanoActivator at the university hospital Charite in Berlin.