Source Molecular provides lab-based testing solutions for microbial source tracking of pathogens, including SARS-CoV-2 virus


LuminUltra has acquired lab-based testing solutions provider Source Molecular. (Credit: Belova59 from Pixabay)

Canada-based biological diagnostic testing company LuminUltra has acquired US-based lab-based testing solutions provider Source Molecular for an undisclosed sum.

Based in Miami of Florida, Source Molecular offers lab-based testing solutions for microbial source tracking of pathogens, including the SARS-CoV-2 virus that is responsible for Covid-19 disease.

Source Molecular offers pathogen testing, mapping and forensics for water, soil, surfaces, and air. The firm’s analytical capabilities enable to target harmful elements ranging from SARS-CoV-2 to pollution to superbugs.

The firm collaborates with clients to detect, track, and test microbial contamination and pathogens, in addition to interpreting and crafting the remediation plans for real-world solutions.

LuminUltra to expand its molecular testing range

The acquisition of Source Molecular will allow LuminUltra to expand its range of molecular testing options for a variety of use cases.

LuminUltra stated that customers across the globe are enabled to select to analyse samples remotely via mail-in service to Source Molecular, or rapidly onsite using its GeneCount qPCR testing kits.

LuminUltra and Source Molecular will retain their existing brands through the integration of both companies.

LuminUltra offers a range of solutions for Covid-19 testing, including clinical diagnostics, surface and air testing for better surveillance of the presence of the virus in buildings, and wastewater testing for broad and early detection population monitoring.

LuminUltra chairman and CEO Pat Whalen said: “Source Molecular and LuminUltra have benefited from a partnership over recent months to deliver essential Covid-19 environmental surveillance monitoring, including Source Molecular’s industry-leading, lab-based pathogen testing capabilities.

“This natural next step for LuminUltra and Source Molecular will enable us to further meet our shared objective to deliver greater access to a full suite of industry leading solutions, increasing testing capacity worldwide and directly helping to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.”

In September this year, Illumina signed an agreement to acquire US-based healthcare company GRAIL for cash and stock consideration of $8bn.