LifeVac, the revolutionary device that has successfully removed an object from a blocked airway and prevented choking deaths, has entered into an exclusive agreement with LifeVac Canada.

LifeVac Canada will retain exclusive distribution rights for the three-year agreement and will purchase a minimum of 25,000 units during the term of the contract.  The agreement is evergreen.

"We are very excited to have Richard Smith join the LifeVac team," said Arthur Lih, Founder and CEO of LifeVac. "LifeVac Canada will focus on creating awareness on the dangers of choking, choking prevention tips and how LifeVac can be used to rescue a choking victim.

“This is a major step in our goal to reduce the number of global choking deaths each year and know that Richard is committed to this goal."

"I am extremely pleased to be able to introduce this wonderful product to the Canadian Market. It is an amazing device that has the potential to save many lives and we are honored to have the opportunity to work with Arthur and his team," said Smith.

LifeVac Canada will launch the device in Canada at the upcoming Health Achieve hosted in Toronto during November 7-9, 2016.

LifeVac is a non-powered, single patient, portable suction apparatus designed to save the life of a choking victim.  It can be used on children, the elderly and on oneself.