LifePod Solutions has established a strategic collaboration with SDI Technologies, and their iHome division, to bring to market Proactive-Voice Virtual Caregiver Service.

17June - iHome

Image: LifePod’s AI-powered Virtual Caregiver platform and portal addresses vast home-healthcare market. Photo: Courtesy of LIFEPOD.

LifePod said that its service is designed to improve the quality of life for family and professional caregivers to monitor and support the aging relatives or healthcare clients coping with social isolation, various medical conditions or special needs in their homes.

In addition, it provides an easy-to-use, voice-activated service for older adults and others in need of care and their caregivers.

The collaboration is expected to combione iHome’s history of innovation in home audio and connected consumer electronics with LifePod’s voice-first, a unique proactive platform.

The LifePod’s Virtual Caregiver service, unlike traditional voice assistants, can be set up and controlled by a remote caregiver using an intuitive online portal that delivers personalized voice check-ins, reminders, and virtual companionship.

LifePod Solutions CEO Stuart R. Patterson said: “Voice is the most transformative technology of our lifetime, and focusing our caregiver-controlled, proactive-voice service on serving the needs of older adults and chronic care patients is a perfect fit.

“SDI Technologies is an ideal partner to support our launch because of their award-winning, smart device and AI Voice experience and their impressive history of innovation and tailored solutions for the home.”

LifePod claims that its AI-powered Virtual Caregiver platform and portal addresses the vast home-healthcare market and the growing digital-health movement to serve out-of-hospital settings.

The platform simultaneously facilitates monitoring and engaging family members and healthcare clients, through customized voice prompts, by providing real-time alerts, daily reports and peace of mind to the caregiving teams.

iHome product and business development director Gary Schultz said: “The visionary leadership team at LifePod is driving the voice industry forward. Our strategic collaboration with the LifePod team is perfectly aligned to build on iHome’s product leadership in AI Voice.

“We look forward to extending our platform offerings with LifePod’s state-of-the-art, proactive-voice service that will transform the caregiver industry to better support families, senior living communities and healthcare service providers.”

The proactive Virtual Caregiver service on an iHome device is expected to be available by fall this year.