LifeHealthcare is a leading independent provider of medical devices and healthcare solutions in Australia and New Zealand.

7D Surgical develops advanced optical technologies and machine vision-based registration algorithms to improve surgical workflow in spine and cranial image guidance.  This is 7D Surgical’s first partnership outside of North America.

7D Surgical CEO Beau Standish said: “Finding the right partner is paramount as 7D Surgical expands into key global markets.  We could not be more pleased to select the experienced and passionate team at LifeHealthcare to represent the MvIGS technology.

“Surgeons in Australia and New Zealand have demonstrated wide adoption of image guidance technology over the last decade.  We think that our significant improvements to surgical workflow, efficiency, and accuracy, while eliminating the unnecessary radiation exposure, will be a hit with this group.”

LifeHealthcare CEO Matt Muscio said: “I am very pleased to announce a new three-year contract with 7D Surgical through 2021. As Australia and New Zealand’s largest distributor of spinal prosthesis, we are looking forward to working with 7D Surgical to solve some of the problems experienced by surgeons in traditional image guided surgery, such as slow registration processes that rely on intraoperative X-rays.

“We are excited by 7D Surgical’s strong innovation pipeline and believe their low-cost value proposition focusing on theatre efficiency is appropriate for ANZ in the face of rising healthcare costs.”

7D Surgical joins LifeHealthcare’s growing list of distribution partners of spinal implants and associated technologies including K2M, Australian Biotechnologies, Mazor Robotics, Samsung Neurologica Mobile CT and Mizuho Osi.

Source: Company Press Release.