Partek, a provider in bioinformatics software, has signed a distribution agreement with Life Technologies, a provider of next-generation DNA sequencing technology.

The agreement makes Partek Genomics Suite available through Life Technologies as a featured solution for analyzing data generated by Life Technologies’ next-generation sequencing (NGS) devices.

Partek Genomics Suite is a comprehensive solution for the analysis, comparison and integration of massive amounts of genomic data.

Life Technologies Biological Information Systems senior vice president Claude Benchimol said Partek Genomics Suite, with its intuitive workflows designed for biologists, powerful statistical analysis tools and high-quality graphical outputs, is a terrific addition to their range of data processing and analysis solutions.

"Partek has worked closely with us to ensure seamless data integration and rapid analysis, enabling our customers to interpret and present their findings with unprecedented speed and ease," Benchimol said.

Partek Genomics Suite supports all microarray and NGS technologies for RNA-, DNA- and gene regulation applications in a single software package, allowing for the integration of multiple applications in a user-friendly way.

The suite’s embedded tools for alignment, quality control analysis, robust statistics, clustering, biological interpretation with functional classes and pathways helps scientists identify biomarkers and patterns in the data with confidence.