The 7500 Fast Dx system enables labs to complete real-time PCR amplification and quantify nucleic acids in less than 40 minutes.

The instrument’s software suite includes customizable security settings, and versatile security, auditing, and e-signature applications that allow users to record all instrument operations, supporting requirements of clinical laboratories to work in a secure environment.

The 3500 Dx Seriess Genetic Analyzer is CE IVD- marked capillary electrophoresis for nucleic acid analysis.

It is intended for use in the analysis of human DNA or RNA for the detection of genetic changes that may lead to disease presence or susceptibility.

It features a novel consumables design that incorporates the ability to track key information with radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, new optical and thermal sub-systems, and redesigned data collection and analysis software, creating a method for high-quality data analyses.

Life Technologies Japan head Joydeep Goswami said the devices will enable physicians and laboratories to rapidly develop new clinical and diagnostic assays using a platform they are familiar with.