Lerner Medical Devices has launched a new class of ultraviolet (UVB) medical device Levia to offer Personal Targeted Phototherapy, a non-drug option for the self-treatment of scalp and small area psoriasis in the privacy and convenience of a patient's home.

Levia incorporates easy to use software for physician control of dosimetry and includes two proprietary beam delivery attachments, the LiteBrush and LiteSpot, which ensure precise and safe delivery of therapeutic UVB light.

Levia was demonstrated at both American Academy of Dermatology conventions this year, most recently at the Summer Meeting in Chicago, 4-8 August.

Lerner Medical Devices CEO John Lyon said that Levia has already received considerable interest and the company will introduce to hundreds of additional dermatology professionals over the next few months.

“We are convinced that Levia will improve treatment effectiveness and convenience for psoriasis patients,” Lyon said.