Lenetix, Inc. presented the preliminary study results of improved first and second trimester non-invasive fetal chromosomal screening test to detect Down syndrome and other genetic fetal conditions at 29th annual Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine Conference in San Diego. The results were effective in testing quality and accuracy while preserving the safety of mother and fetus. The maternal serum test utilizes methylation-sensitive amplification (MSA) of fetal nucleic acid markers. The preliminary study involved more than ten clinical plasma specimens of various ethnicities provided by clinical partners who were tested with clinical partners using the MSA approach developed by Dr. Brown. Data from pilot studies showed that highly accurate screening for common fetal autosomal (Trisomy 18, 21) and sex chromosomal (47, XXY) chromosome abnormalities is feasible, particularly in the first trimester of pregnancy when MSA features of early pregnancy-derived cells can be leveraged. This approach requires diagnostic confirmation by CVS, an invasive first trimester procedure, or genetic amniocentesis in the early 2nd trimester.