Leica Microsystems, a Germany-based developer of microscopes and scientific instruments, has introduced a new DFC365 FX digital microscope camera.

The digital microscope camera aids researchers to work even with weakly fluorescing specimens, claims Leica.

The microscope camera is equipped with a CCD sensor (pixel size 6.45 µm) and active Peltier cooling for experiments such as TIRF, FRET or structured illumination.

The microscope camera, in overlapping oode, can capture image while the previous image is still being read out.

The data are transferred to the PC via a FireWire-B interface.

Besides its high-speed image acquisition of 40 MHz, the pixel clocking rate of the sensor can also be set to 20 MHz or 1.6 MHz as required.

At optional NIR (Near Infra-Red) Mode, the camera emitts wavelength range above 700 nm and extends the operating range of the camera for fluorescence markers.