The company said the breast application of the scanner is known as Positron Emission Mammography (PEM).

By using PET technology, the PEM scanner produces tomographic images that allow physicians to visualize benign and cancerous breast lesions and tumors with a 1.6 mm resolution.

The precise identification of the extent of breast lesions will help in reducing the number of unnecessary procedures, as well provide clinical advantages in characterizing neoadjuvant chemotherapy response and monitoring for recurrent disease.

In addition to organ-specific PET scanner, Ledford will have an exclusive arrangement with Naviscan’s PEM-guided biopsy system, and related service contracts across the US market.

Ledford Medical Electronics president Chuck Ledford said, "Representing Naviscan is a great opportunity for Ledford Medical to be involved with a product and technology that will have such a meaningful impact on the future of Women’s Health."