Medical device integration solutions provider CapsuleTech has added new early warning scoring system (EWSS) option for its SmartLinx Chart Xpress electronic charting solution.


EWSS incorporates seamlessly with SmartLinx Chart Xpress for periodic vital sign collection, while Chart Xpress connects to existing spot check monitors and transmits data directly to an electronic medical record (EMR) or other appropriate IT system.

CapsuleTech chief nursing officer Dr Susan Niemeier said: "Subtle signs of patient deterioration are often extremely difficult to detect in a busy hospital environment.

"However, by tracking and analyzing vital signs in real time, EWSS can automatically identify potential patient problems well before a critical event."

The new EWSS is an automated, simple-to-use and customizable option for Chart Xpress, which analyzes patient data and identifies patterns consistent with patient deterioration that often occur hours in advance of a critical event.

EWSS is said to provide clinicians with timely notification to support early and rapid intervention and guidance for appropriate actions to improve outcomes.

SmartLinx’s EWSS computerized calculations will reduce manual errors in data analysis and it will immediately displays a patient’s general health status score at the bedside, following vital sign collection.

In addition, the system helps in transmitting warnings to alarm or downstream IT systems to aid rapid response and alert multi-disciplinary care teams.

Image: CapsuleTech’s SmartLinx Chart Xpress Early Warning Scoring System. Photo: courtesy of CapsuleTech, Inc.