Lantronix, a provider of device networking and remote access products, has chosen Analog Devices' (ADI) iCoupler digital isolator technology.

Lantronix will use ADI iCoupler to isolate and protect its new EDS-MD family including EDS-MD 8PS and EDS-MD 16PS servers and other connected medical devices from the event of a grounding mishap.

The new family of network servers , which comes in a compact, secure and lightweight plastic enclosure, remotely monitor, manage and control multiple medical devices’s system-level management.

Lantronix Engineering vice president Daryl Miller said the company helps physicians, nurses, diagnosticians and hospital administrators develop more effective ways to manage patient care, whether through remote monitoring or data collection.

"We adopted ADI’s iCoupler digital isolator technology to help deliver vital data faster, more securely and more efficiently to healthcare professionals so they can make better informed decisions about their patients’ care," Miller added.