LabStyle Innovations, developer of the Dario diabetes management solution, has revealed the world's first Dario personalized smart meter at the 26th Annual Roth Conference at the Ritz Carlton in Dana Point California.

Dario combines a glucose meter that plugs directly into your smartphone, with a cutting edge, personalized software application that allows for real time recording and analysis of blood glucose readings as well as other features such as community support.

The Dario personalized smart meter has been developed and designed by an experienced team of medical device, healthcare and software experts to provide diabetics and their caregivers with the tools, knowledge and motivation to make life easier through the daily struggle with diabetes.

LabStyle president and CEO Erez Raphael has presented the global multi-market launch of the Dario smart meter including orders and shipments for out of pocket and online sales in four initial territories.

Dario will be rolled out gradually in stages in a ‘soft launch’ over the next several months, commencing with New Zealand, to be followed closely by Italy, Australia and the UK. LabStyle is presently seeking insurance reimbursement approvals, and the company expects to receive the first approvals before the end of the second quarter of 2014

Raphael said that living with diabetes is a daily struggle.

"It’s an endless roller coaster of confusing blood sugar changes and managing the impact of every meal as well as physical activity and emotional stress. Diabetes never takes a day off, so even with 4 hours a year of medical advice and attention, there are still 8,756 hours a year managing diabetes alone.

"That’s why we created Dario, the personalized smart meter – combining a glucose meter that plugs directly into any mobile device with smart software designed to make life easier for people with diabetes," Raphael added.