LabStyle Innovations has launched Dario diabetes management app for Android smartphone users.

The Dario mobile application, which will have the same user interface and features as the iOS Dario application, for Android is now available for free download in the UK, New Zealand and some other markets.

LabStyle said that the launch of the Android application precedes the anticipated September launch of the Dario Smart Meter for Android users.

With the Dario application, Diabetes patients can easily track their blood sugars, food, insulin and activity affecting their sugar levels.

It can generate personalized reports to help people with diabetes understand why their sugars change and what to do next.

LabStyle Innovations president and CEO Erez Raphael said: "We have been working very hard to bring to the market the much anticipated Dario application to diabetics with Android devices, and we are delighted with the market demand for this solution demonstrated in the initial territories where we have marketed Dario and users have long-awaited our Android version."

Dario is a cloud-based, diabetes management solution which includes software applications combined with the pocket-sized, Dario smart meter.

Dario smart meter interfaces with a user’s mobile device to form the overall Dario Diabetes Management Solution, allowing diabetics to monitor their blood sugars and other activities and gain insights into managing their disease using their mobile devices.