The new system, qualified by the Canadian team of LAB Research, allows for simultaneous monitoring of cardiovascular and respiratory parameters in conscious freely moving animals. The numerous advantages of this new technology include enhanced interpretations of safety pharmacology results through correlation of cardiovascular and respiratory pharmacodynamics.

The new system will also provide potential improvements in resource allocation during the drug development process, as a result of the combination of cardiovascular and respiratory parameters in the same assessment. The new technology has completed the qualification phase and is expected to enter regulatory validation for eventual use in studies complying with Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) in early 2010.

Luc Mainville, president and chief executive officer of LAB Research, said: “The improvement in interpretation of safety pharmacology results and allocation of valuable resources during the drug development process will greatly benefit our clients while reducing the total number of animals used in such studies by 80%. Our goal is to have this new technology and its related benefits available to our clients early in 2010.”